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Courses + Live Classes + Office Hours

Learn all the skills, tools, and strategies you need to run your vegan/ plant-based business or organization with confidence

QUARTERLY PAYMENT PLAN (Every 3-months): You get access to 25+ courses plus live training classes 2x a month and Office Hours, Q&A sessions, 2x a month. Our live support is designed to help you apply the training to your business or organization.

This subscription includes:

More Than 25 Courses: Tutorials, Worksheets & Training Videos

Every Vegan Mainstream training is packed with practical examples and actionable, intuitive steps to help you master new skills, practice new techniques and feel more confident in your business.

New Student Orientation

Every month we offer a “New Student” Orientation. This is a live session designed to walk new students through the online course system. Attending this session will ensure that you understand all that our platform has to offer and that you get the most out of your investment.

Community Challenges

Each month, we offer 3-, 5- or 7-day challenges. The idea behind our challenges is to build community by providing the opportunity for anyone in the Vegan Mainstream community to share the experience of learning and executing a concept at the same time as other members of the group.

Chat With Members

Be an active member of our community via Vegan Mainstream chat. We’ve organized conversation threads around common course topics so you can engage with other members who are going through course materials and implementing their learnings at the same time as you are. This feature of our online training is a powerful way to connect with others in a shared learning setting. If you love it and want to take a course with fellow members, be sure to join a course launch group, which will assure that you will always have others to bounce ideas from and brainstorm with!

2-Hour Live Class Experiences

Live Class Experiences are designed to introduce you to key course concepts and provide tips for success with the Online Learning Suite in a classroom-type setting. In these 2-hour training lectures, you will join Stephanie and fellow class members live as Stephanie walks the group through various course lessons. (Each month a Live Class Experience will be provided for a different course topic, on a rotating basis). If you crave a more traditional teaching approach, you are going to love these monthly sessions.

Live Class Experiences happen every month, and are offered on two different days and at two times to accommodate subscribers in different time zones. Subscribers are welcome to join us for one or both sessions

Office Hours (LIVE Support)*

Office hours are designed to help you get comfortable with the course content, address obstacles and provide support while you make progress in the course. These sessions are conversational and we host them via Zoom so everyone can be on camera and ask questions easily. LIVE Q&A office-hour sessions occur twice per month.

We are offering two sessions to accommodate multiple time zones.

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We offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. Our goal is to provide you with the training and support you need to succeed as a vegan entrepreneur or business owner. If for any reason you decide this subscription isn’t right for you, simply request a refund within 30 days.

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